the weBLOGbook (english)

the weBLOGbook (english) · 28. Oktober 2018
After our 3 nights (and 2 full, sunny days!) long recovery in our comfy AirBnB in Fredericton our journey continued on October 10th, 2018 further towards Edmundston and by that towards the boarder between New Brunswick and Quebec. However, for now still 5 sections on the bicycles lay between us and Edmundston. These sections were all going north, along the US American boarder and by that following the Saint John River upstream - and all this by now seriously cold, wet and grey autumn weather...
the weBLOGbook (english) · 21. Oktober 2018
In our second week on the bicycles we had overcome the growing pains. By now riding the fully loaded bikes felt normal for us and we were able to enjoy the calm section. On our way west from Memramcook through Moncton to Fredericton the weather gods felt sympathetic towards us and we enjoyed warm temperatures and many hours of sunshine in t-shirt and shorts. Golden October, brilliantly colorful forests, blue sky and lonely roads - what more can one wish for?
the weBLOGbook (english) · 04. Oktober 2018
On Sunday September 23rd, 2018 finally the time had come There were no more excuses left to enjoy the comfort of the city any longer. Our bikes were ready, waiting for us in the basement of Cyclesmith... While I was clipping on the panniers onto our bikes for the first time ever, the ironic question of one of the staff at Cyclesmith echoed through my head: „You do know how to ride a bike?"
the weBLOGbook (english) · 22. September 2018
Besides from the small booking mistake, Halifax primarily greeted us with a splendid amount of sun and warm air from the sea. When leaving the plain both Kira and I were wondering if we - regarding the weather - had landed in the right country. While at home we had been worrying wether or not our sleeping bags would be warm enough, we had to take off our sweaters as soon as we entered Canada. Luckily we weren’t the only ones amazed by the temperatures: ...
the weBLOGbook (english) · 18. September 2018
We are sitting in the shade in front of the hostel „Halifax Backpackers“ and are enjoying our teea from the Café, this moment of just being here, the weather (blue sky, sun, 22 degrees Celsius in the shade), the conversations of the other guests and the view - the colorful house across the street, the overhead power cables you would never see in Germany and just the busy street itself. We are here. From Göttingen Main Station, Germany to Gottingen Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada...